Percfect Place Coffee provides the Opelika and Auburn area with a nice, cozy place to drink some coffee with friends and family. From exceptional coffee and food to great internet service, we have all the percs to make you want to come back again.



free wifi

High speed internet at your fingertips.

books and newspaper

It's time to read... while drinking some coffee of course!


Free during daylight hours.

Gifts and Merchandise

Check out our t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other goodies!

New flavors

Tired of the same old expensive or cheaply made coffee? We bring new quality flavors to your taste buds!

New Location

We are the new coffee house in town with a sleek new building with plenty of new neighboring businesses as well. Seriously, come see for yourself!


We'll keep you on your toes.

Order To Go

Take your PERCed coffee and food with you where you go.

best music

Enjoy a nice atmosphere with quality sound.